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Bubblin Superbooks

Instant offline books on any device for free.

"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world opens a door to allow in more light."

—Vera Nazarian

Bubblin is an Online Café of Books, meaning—a silent and cozy place for you to hang out and read.

By silent we mean no comments, no advertisements and no loud and convincing reviews from salesmen posing as other readers. Just books, quiet and yourself.

We hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Ellie Rosé
Ellie Rosé
CEO & Co-founder
Marvin Danig
Marvin Danig
CTO & Co-founder
Sanjay Dastoor
Sanjay Dastoor
Mentor, @ycombinator.

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Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.