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Bubblin Superbooks

The binge reader.

"Impeccable formatting. And the typography is simply ❤️." — Nilesh Trivedi, Cleartax (YC-14).

Discover amazing new reads on web. Support writers who create it directly!

"Books need to be opened up freely before we can properly annotate and cross-link them… " — Naval Ravikant


An online café of books—meaning, a silent and cozy place to hang-out and read great works online.

For fans ☞ Convenience of web.
  1. No apps to install, no files to download. Any device!
  2. Read and share books, annotate and make new friends.
  3. Broaden perspective with calm and composure of a book loving community.
For creators ☞ Longform with superpowers.
  1. Publish immersive stories using all the capabilities (and potential) of web.
  2. Analyse and evolve your book as many times as you want.
  3. Win on SEO, accessibility, device support and distribution—all in one stroke.

Learn more about the Bubblin Superbooks project on our FAQs page.


Marvin Danig
Marvin Danig
(Dev/Biz Minion)
CEO & Founder.
Sonica Arora
Sonica Arora
(Des/Dev Minion)
CTO & Founder.


Sanjay Dastoor
Sanjay Dastoor
Mentor, Skip & Boosted (YCombinator).
Varun Singh
Varun Singh
Mentor, (w3c/IETF).

Official Puppers:

Ellie Rosé
Ellie Rosé
Loves mind games.
Baxter Brown
Baxter Brown
Accepts fetch requests.

"Liberating books from proprietary hardware is critical for the success of web publications." — Hacker News.

Warm community

Meet the enlightened ones. Follow your favorite authors, track books and spelunk some of the greatest stories ever written. It's a never-ending stream out there!


All our books are offline-first i.e. progressively enhanced single page applications (pSPAs). Take your ebook reading (and writing) experience to the next level.

Learn more
Super responsive

We know you love physical books. That's why we focused on building a reader with the native experience of books—with butter smooth page turns and expressiveness.

Device support

Share books, spread love.

Rediscover the experience of reading real books on web—share and rejoice great stories with friends and family.

Great, sign me up!

Effortless sharing

Share effortlessly to spread the word. Each book is on a happy ubiquitous pretty url that's easy to link to and annotate. Gone are the days of lifeless files masquerading as ebooks!

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Speedy atomization

Everyone knows that long-form needs pagination. Only we do it with simplicity and semantics of the web. Read comfortably, remember more and be surprised with referential accessibility.

See demo

Free as in freedom!

Read for free, share for free. Free yourself from the shackles of properietary formats and expensive hardware. Read your favorites without the pain of downloading pesky little files to disk forever.

Tablet first!

A thoughtfully designed layout for comfortable reading on the couch. Super silky page turns to navigate through the book ensuring quick comprehension and great recall—a memory palace building exercise.

What are people saying?

  • Craig Mod, Advisor - Medium
    Craig Mod

    The most beautiful implementation of a book in browser that I have ever seen.

  • Paul Singh, Investor - 500 Startups
    Paul Singh

    …if the future of books is web then it is this, it is this… my daughter loves the page turns!

  • Judith Monica Neumann, Front-end developer and teacher
    Judith Monica Neumann

    I just love their responsiveness to suggestions. Just published my first book! 💗

  • Satyendra Sharma, Professional wildlife photographer
    Satie Sharma

    One of the challenges of photobooks is that they tend to be very heavy on file. Bubblin has an elegant solution for that.

  • Roberto Mossetto, Startup Grind & Turin Chapter Director
    Roberto Mossetto

    Using web as a universal format for e-books? I love it!

  • Sonica Arora
    Click to read

    Hey, I'm the founder here! Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself.

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