Advantages of Superbooks

There's nothing more beautiful than open web.

Superbook has many advantages over other forms of e-book containers:

  1. Frictionless. Nothing to download or manage. The book goes offline seamlessly using a serviceworker.
  2. Superbooks work everywhere — all smartphones, tablets & desktops. See our full list of supported platforms, OSes & browsers.
  3. Convenience & simplicity of web. Write books using the building blocks of web i.e HTML, CSS & JS.
  4. Write once & publish everywhere. Edit anytime, like a blog.
  5. Full control on design and layout of the book. Works just like web design.
  6. Semantic markup with clean indexability and searchability of the book because, well, it is HTML.
  7. Modern and soft feel of spine and pageflip. Ideal experience of books, not website.
  8. Zero worry about file size, no headache of managing pesky artifacts on the disk.
  9. Precise stack order, optimized for linear reading.
  10. Better maintainability of modular “app-like” manuscript.
  11. Finer page-level and book-level meta data.
  12. Sandboxed pages (document) with full freedom to code like a front-end developer.
  13. Ability to paint experimental content with executable code inside each page of the book.
  14. Ability to use hosted libraries & Content Delivery Network to speed up delivery of your book.
  15. No hassle about fifty proprietary file formats, or conversion or interoperability issues.
  16. Direct connection to a vibrant community of readers on the web.
  17. Ability to create multi-page CSSComics. This wasn’t even possible to do earlier.
  18. Skip the fifteen years lag that the rest of the e-book ecosystem is stuck on.
  19. Natural and auto bookmarking on the web.

…and counting.

Svelte books forged with a blade of shining sun.