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Welcome to the thoughts, code and writings of the developers behind Bubblin Superbooks, Toucaan CSS Framework and Bookiza Abelone.

Want to have your book published on Bubblin?

Do not shy away from reaching us out on mail [email protected].

We respond to every mail that we recieve.

Institutional Requests

If you are looking for help on creating your own accessible digital library of books at school or university, please get in touch with us over here.

Useful links:

  1. Bubblin OSS book baking tools: Tools & OSS.
  2. Bubblin documentation and the Superbook format.
  3. Understanding Bookiza-the book reification framework for the web.
  4. The Official Handbook on Bubblin Superbooks.
  5. Book making with Bookiza using HAML.

Important repositories:
  1. All public domain manuscripts @[email protected].
  2. All OSS tooling @[Bookiza Abelone](https://github.com/bookiza) for source code.