Death of Death of Print Books ⚰️

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[Last update: October, 7th 2019.]

Print books are not going to die. And as long as print books continue to live, trees will continue to be farmed and pulped at a great cost to everything else on the planet. This is the grim reality of success in the industry of books despite the fact that death of print books has been greatly exaggerated by both tech media and the broader tech community in the bay area.

Here’s one reason why the ‘dead tree’ medium will continue to thrive in the coming few years:

“75 percent students say that reading print books is easier than e-books.”

The youth is well oriented in what the industry owners would like them to believe.

question is why?.

Why is that people are willing to throw a premium at physical books despite the newer and possibly cheaper option?

To quote a great science fiction writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke:

“Nothing will ever replace books,” Clarke said… “They can’t be matched for convenience, random access, nonvolatile memory (unless dropped in the bath), low power consumption, portability, etc. —@teleread.

An interesting observation coming from someone who was decades ahead of their time.

Arthur C. Clarke is probably right about books for he is known for identifying the ‘magic’ in all advanced tech:

As someone who is into book printing business and a web developer, I cannot agree with this consumer sentiment more. Dead tree books are not only in vogue but indeed they are a superior product.

Why is it that, you may ask?

Web has been built on the shoulders of giants. Of thinkers and doers. It too, like any other branch or application of science, has had multiple layers of abstractions and the coring up continues.

Arthur C. Clarke was one of them too.

“…information networks will supplement them and replace whole categories, e.g., encyclopedias and telephone directories (as is being planned in France).”

I stopped buying physical books six years ago and hopped on to the Kindle bandwagon. The more I used Amazon’s hardware the less I got interested in books per se, but I can’t point it to exactly why. Lately I have been reading books exclusively on the web and here are some of the website that I follow religiously:

  1. For classics I usually hit the good old Gutenberg.
  2. For technical books I track the following link on Github.
  3. For fanfiction I go to Commaful.
  4. For poetry I normally fall back to HelloPoetry but there are many other sites.

Do you know or use a site for books on the web? Remember, you’re not allowed to download a file or an artifact to the disk either.

In writing by: Marvin Danig, CEO of Bubblin Superbooks.

P.S.: Tried reading a Superbook on your iPad Safari? It is fun! 💖