Bubblin Bookstore Badges 🍄

[Last update: 05 Nov, 2019]

Writers who publish their books on Bubblin can now display the following badge to link up their checkout page. We suggest linking the badge directly to the landing page of your book on https://bubblin.io.

Light & dark:

The badge is available in two colors. Black is designed for websites and apps with lighter background, while the one with aliceblue background works well on sites and apps having dark background. Both badges carry an outline to ensure separation in situations where contrast with the application’s background isn’t sufficient.

Also, included with the download are the Affinity raw files using which these badges were made quickly. Feel free to use them to construct a badge of your own, but please do not alter the Bubblin badge in any way. 🙂


For example, the badge below links to our Official Handbook on Bubblin.

Credits: These badges were designed & produced by the awesome Somya Garg.

Written by: Marvin Danig, CEO of Bubblin Superbooks. Want to follow me on Twitter?

P.S.: It is likely that some of you read this blog on your desktop. This is okay, but if you decide to read a book we recommend you do it on the iPad. This, for some really good post-pc era reasons. ⛷️