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  • November 4, 2018

Today we rolled out a new performance metric for all Superbooks on Bubblin. The flipcount.

Flipcount is a public piece of information that is now displayed under each book that is published on Bubblin. It is simply a sum of number of times a book has been turned over by its readers. A page turn is counted only when the book comes to a state of rest, and thus the algorithm has a presumption that the pages on view have been “read” by the viewer quickly. This is somewhat like view count of a video on Youtube, except here each page on a Superbook is an independent webpage placed on a stack with its own context and isolated existence of piece-mealed content.

Total flipcount along with other metrics such as time_spent per session per book or total_time_spent give a great insight of how well a book is doing among readers. The data can be further dissected and cut open to identify real readers from users flipping the book casually.

As of November 1st, 2018, Bubblin is now showing most popular titles according to total flipcount accrued by each book. Newer sorting algorithms for the most popular, most read, new and rising, hot reads and other combinations using flipcount and other social cues can be implemented in a more sophisticated manner going forward from here.

Overall, we think flipcount is a great metric for writers to go after. And build a readership for themselves. We’ll follow it up with more social data and engagement metrics later on, so stay hooked.

For now, let us know what you think about Flipcount. And of course, all the best for your book too!

Written by: Sonica Arora, CTO of Bubblin Superbooks. Follow me on Twitter perhaps?

Edited by: Marvin Danig, CEO of Bubblin Superbooks.

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