Marginalia & annotations 💭

Marginalia & annotations 💭

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  • 2 minutes
  • February 1, 2019

Alright. We have an update!

Starting today Bubblin has nested conversations under each book. 🎉

Since our Superbooks live on web, we thought it only made sense for our readers to be able to comment, annotate and discuss the book at hand exactly where it is. On web.

We’re calling this feature ✨ Marginalia ✨ and it lives conveniently under the landing page i.e. Cover of each book. The interface of marginalia is heavily inspired from Reddit-style commenting system. But naturally given the context of longform and the purpose of discussion here, there are some differences in usability and presentation.

Marginalia is responsive, “tablet first” and powered with Github flavored markdown. We see it as a means to surface gems and jewels of human thought embedded inside of books and foster a deeper conversation that is otherwise lost in the annals of the web.

In context of convenience of having a marginal conversation near a book, it is pertinent to mention here that unlike any other e-book formats, Superbooks offer referential integrity. This means any two readers will see exactly the same content on a given page number no matter which device, browser or operating system they are on. Anywhere in the world!

For example, two readers can easily discuss why Ms. Elizabeth is unhappy with Mr. Darcy on page number 510 of Pride & Prejudice. You see what we did here, right? It’s a breakthrough fwiw!

Overall, we are super excited about Marginalia. And hoping to see it making a dent in the world of books!

Written by: Sonica Arora, CTO of Bubblin Superbooks. Want to follow me on Twitter?

Edited by: Marvin Danig, CEO of Bubblin Superbooks. I don’t know why we call ourselves CEO or CTO here, when we’re truly under employ of Ellie and Baxter in the bone.

P.S.: It’s likely that some of you read this post on your desktop. Desktops are obsolete! Mm, well, may be not but we recommend experiencing Superbooks on your iPad. And for good reason! ⛷️

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