Ephemeral Short-cuts

‘⌘ + O’ and ‘⌘ + i’

Keyboard Shortcuts

The first ones!

One of the cool thing about working with an IDE or a vim-terminal is keyboard shortcuts. While the idea of shortcuts doesn’t port too well on the browser, it is still possible to engage with an energetic user from the comfort of the keyboard. There are only very few “developer oriented” websites (like providers of hosted IDEs) that provide keyboard shortcuts over the browser.

We decided we’re going to be one of them.

Today we introduce the first two combinations on https://bubbl.in:

  1. ‘⌘ + m’ — Opens the Menu on the left when logged in.
  2. ‘⌘ + i’ — Initializes a new project a.k.a superbook when logged in.

We will have more shortcuts eventually, but for now just these two to make our lives easier.

⌘ + m opens up Options on the left side-tray.

Bingo, there we go! C’est la vie.