Superbooks on RSS Feed

Superbooks on RSS Feed

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  • November 4, 2019


Here is a quick update that I want to share.

We had a little chat with Christian Heilmann on Twitter last week on how he found this interesting article on Toucaan CSS written by my co-founder. In that discussion we bumped into and sort of rediscovered the power of really simple syndication or RSS feeds. 戊, yay!

Personally, I have never used RSS, but I always knew about its existence and usage out there. RSS is one of those early features of the web that helps users push and track interesting content. In my opinion, RSS feeds are also more secure by way of not requiring an email address from the readers.

Better privacy, simplicity, efficiency and security by design.

You can read more about RSS here.

Every week our writers (and us) up-cycle a few books, both old and new, unlocking them out of their rigid and often outdated file containers and turn them into a beautiful Superbooks. Starting today, you will be able to subscribe to an RSS feed of those featured books on Bubblin and discover great reads easily through your feed reader. It just works!

We think that RSS can play an important role in the delivery of good books to the readers online. Just like blogs or news. It is a perfect amalgam of old tech meeting the new, and I am super chuffed about having implemented it on Bubblin. Or as Chris puts it: Kick-ass, bleeding edge tech from 1997 :)!


Written by: Sonica Arora, CTO & Co-founder of Bubblin Superbooks. Follow me on Twitter?

P.S. It is likely that some of you viewed this article on your desktop or mobile. If you did that, I recommend trying Bubblin or our Superbooks on the iPad!

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