Achievement unlocked! Google does mobile-first indexing of Bubblin. 🔥

Here’s a very cool update we got from Google today:


Google now maintains a separate search index for mobile-first websites. This is a very cool upgrade and they announced this change only a few months ago. We’re super glad to be on their mobile optimized search for the books on Bubblin because it means that the authors on Bubblin will see more traffic for their books via the Googlebot Smartphone from now on.

This is what Google had to say:

“Our analysis indicates that the mobile and desktop versions of your site are comparable.”

Sure Google, our mobile and desktop versions are certainly comparable because they are one and the same—we operate a singular coterminous website with a layout scheme that scales from desktops to the Apple watch; without a hiccup! Though I must admit here that Bubblin is tablet-first by design. This minor nit aside, since nearly half of our readers come on mobile—so it’s a neat assessment and a welcome update from Google. Thank you.

We do want more people reading books straight on web! It is good for everyone. ❤️

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