Help is available on console and via Github issues.

$ bookiza --help


$ b --help            # bookiza is aliased to `b`

Bookiza comes with several built-in methods to let you manage your manuscript smartly. The keyword bookiza itself is aliased to the alphabet b on the keyboard to make it easy to call bookiza commands that are aliased further down as per the following vocabulary:

Example: $ bookiza new MY-AWESOME-NEW-BOOK -l 12 -t text can be shortened to $ b n MY-AWESOME-NEW-BOOK -l 12 -t text.

Full vocabulary is hereasunder:

Command alias Arguments Options Description
new n projectName numberOfLeafs, templateName New book (Setup project)
add a - numberOfLeafs Add leaf(s) to the stack (End of book).
insert i insertAt numberOfLeafs Insert leaf(s) into the stack (In between book)
remove r - removeAt Remove page_at (Not leaf!) and append a blank one.
move m - moveFrom moveTo Move page_at {moveFrom} to a page_at {moveTo}.
clip c - numberOfLeafs Clip leaf(s) off the stack.
length l - - Book length
publish p - - Publish book
server s - portNumber Start server
status - - - Check status
push - - - Push changes
update u - - Update bookiza
register z - username, passkey Register bookiza
whoami w - - WhoAmI registered as?
help h - - help