Welcome to official documentation of Bookiza Abelone—the book reification framework for the web.

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This site is also available as Superbook if you prefer reading on the iPad. It is important to emphasize here that Bookiza is currently in a state of great flux and many of its features and options that are described here are expected to change rapidly or be removed completely. Copious amounts of patience is advised.

Wish to contribute to the project? Head over to our repositories on Github.

What is Bookiza?

Bookiza is a book reification framework that cuts down your book writing and publishing time by half. By half, no less! Manage your manuscript smartly and bake in all the goodness of web inside your book. Using Bookiza is like app development, where the story is the app. You can call it ‘book development’ for the web, if you will. 😇

Print delightful books on web for everyone and not just those who own a Kindle or an iPad. See support information for broader picture.

Who is it meant for?

Professional writers, comics or magazine makers and artists—ala, people who publish longform regularly.

Bookiza uses the terminal environment (shell) to work. If you’re uncomfortable about using shell commands or don’t understand what a terminal app is, consider using Bubblin’s in-browser book editor instead.