Managing your manuscript is very easy with Bookiza.

Bookiza will watch for changes on your manuscript and reload the book on your browser automatically. To initialize a new project (book, comics, magazine or anything else) with exactly 2N number of pages, pass the --leafs option with the value of N and a --template option if required, like so:

$ bookiza new MY-AWESOME-BOOK -l 12 -t comics   # Creates project with 24 pages (12 leafs) inside `manuscript/`.
$ cd MY-AWESOME-BOOK && bookiza server          # Opens http://localhost:4567 on your browser!

The Bookiza new command will set up your project, bootstrap the manuscript (leafs) along with necessary configuration and layout template that you chose to apply. Bookiza will also install ($ npm install) all the dependencies of your project, initialize a git repository for the project and then seek a confirmation from you to commit it onto Github.

The entire process is automatic.

Inside the manuscript/ folder you’ll find that 2N number of blank pages (directories) have been created. This is the place where you’ll be most of your time writing a story.