Bookiza must be registered to be able to publish books on Bubblin.

To register, please sign up on Bubblin—a Superbook hosting substrate for writers, comics makers and magazine publishers—and grab your api_token along with Bubblin Credentials (Account > Settings > APIs). Supply the Bubblin credentials on the terminal when prompted to, like so:

$ bookiza register      # Shortcut: $ b z  ## See $ b -h

username: stephenking
password: *********

Registration successful.

Bookiza comes pre-integrated with Bubblin’s sweet POST & PATCH API so that books can easily be deployed and updated from your local. Hit $ bookiza publish and the latest edition of your work will be PATCHed on a live server.

Manual registration

For manual regiastration we’ll create an ArcBookiza config object at the root of your machine:

  • Create a dotfile named .bookizarc (Bookiza Arc)
  • Open the file in an editor and paste the config described below:
  • Provide the api_token from your Bubblin Account (Accounty>Settings>APIs) on .bookizarc
  • Put Bubblin username & email on bookiza arc, save and close.

You’re all set.

$ touch .bookizarc      // At the root of your machine.
$ vi .bookizarc         // Copy & paste the following JSON:
  "token": "",          
  "username": "",
  "email": "",
  "mode": {
    "HTML": "html",
    "CSS": "css",
    "JS": "js",
    "HEAD": "html"

  "urls": {
    "registrationURL": "",
    "baseURL": ""

Set the the token and user details on the ArcBookiza object each time you refresh the api_token on your Bubblin Account.