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What are people saying?

  • Craig Mod, Advisor - Medium
    Craig Mod

    The most beautiful implementation of a book in browser that I have ever seen.

  • Paul Singh, Investor - 500 Startups
    Paul Singh

    …if the future of books is web then it is this, it is this… my daughter loves the page turns!

  • Judith Monica Neumann, Front-end developer and teacher
    Judith Monica Neumann

    I just love their responsiveness to suggestions. Just published my first book! 💗

  • Satyendra Sharma, Professional wildlife photographer
    Satie Sharma

    One of the challenges of photobooks is that they tend to be very heavy on file. Bubblin has an elegant solution for that.

  • Roberto Mossetto, Startup Grind & Turin Chapter Director
    Roberto Mossetto

    Using web as a universal format for e-books? I love it!

  • Sonica Arora
    Click to read

    Hey, I'm the founder here! Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself.