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Bubblin Superbooks

Instant offline books on any device for FREE. Learn more.

Free as in Freedom!

Share and read books with your friends easily. Relieve yourself from the shackles of properietary formats, expensive hardware and the pain of downloading pesky little files forever.


All our books are offline-first i.e. progressively enhanced single page applications (pSPAs). Take your e-book reading (and writing) experience to the next level.

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Super responsive

We know you love physical books. That's why we focused on building a reader that brings you that experience on web. Only more responsive, expressive and customizable.

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Share books, no files!

Rediscover the great experience of books on Bubblin—a quiet corner on web for book lovers to hang out, read and write.

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Best-in-class effortless reading experience with zero compatibility issues. Your book is one happy single-page app with searchable content, ala semantic HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

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Atomic pages

Atomized content with a super silky pagination to keep your story above-the-fold. Always! Well, what can we say?: try turning the pages on your iPad.

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Meet the enlightened ones, hang out with other book lovers on web. Spelunk, share and savor some of the greatest works ever written from around the world. Remember, it's a never-ending stream of books out there!


Thoughtfully designed layout to make for easy reading and longevity. Our tablet-first approach (UI/UX) ensures quicker comprehension and better absorption. Groom your reading habits from the comfort of your couch.

What are people saying about us?

  • Craig Mod, Advisor - Medium
    Craig Mod

    The most beautiful implementation of a book in browser that I have ever seen.

  • Paul Singh, Investor - 500 Startups
    Paul Singh

    …if the future of books is web then it is this… my daughter loves turning the page on her iPad!

  • Judith Monica Neumann, Front-end developer and teacher
    Judith Monica Neumann

    My daughter loves reading books and Bubblin is every bit as interesting as it could get.

  • Satyendra Sharma, Professional wildlife photographer
    Satie Sharma

    One of the challenges with photography e-books is that they tend to be very heavy. Bubblin has an elegant solution for that.

  • Roberto Mossetto, Startup Grind & Turin Chapter Director
    Roberto Mossetto

    Using web as a universal format for e-books? I love it!

  • Sonica Arora
    Click to read

    Hey, I'm the founder here! Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself.

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