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Modern English Alphabets for toddlers with adorable animals.

Judith Neumann Judith Neumann • Dec 23rd, 2015


Modern English Alphabets for toddlers with adorable animals.

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Angie 4 months ago.

This book is super cute. The iguana and the giraffe are my favorite. Is there a way to download this, or can superbooks only be read here on this website? The info says it's compatible with different devices but I didn't see a purchase or download button.

Marvin Danig Marvin Danig 4 months ago.

First of all, this book is available to read and share on web freely. The ones that are paid will have button for purchase using a credit card, but this book isn't one of them.

Explicit downloading of a file isn't required. These books work offline naturally using a service worker. Support is guaranteed on 140+ devices including a few models of Kindle that sport a modern web browser, but not outside of web as of yet. Hopefully, some day!

Sonica Arora Sonica Arora 5 months ago.

This is a beautiful book, thanks for sharing it!