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Polish Alphabet for toddlers with adorable animals.

Tomasz Waleń Tomasz Waleń • Apr 4th, 2016


Polish Alphabet for toddlers with adorable animals.

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This is Polish version of the book:

Filled with cute bouncy alphabets, this illustrated book showcases a vast array of adorable animals to help your little ones learn their ABCs! With just about no hokey pokey, or gaming gimmicks, this book will hook your baby on qualities they're already good at: to stare and then go back to dreams.

Go ahead, pamper 'em up and kindle into their beautiful world of alphabets and animals!

Another very special quality about this book is that it doesn't use any images. All artwork and behavior are a result of CSS3 experimentation and subtle use of animations that could potentially "turn on" the fan of your machine. But to keep it cool, we're giving away all the code of this book away for free, for reference, fun and fork.

This book was created using the bookiza framework.

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Tomasz Waleń