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Mar 16th, 2016 (Limited edition)

Professional book writing for web—an official guide.

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11 minutes read.
14 leafs
Price: FREE
Support: Tested on iPad 2+, iPhones 4+ (Safari), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (Silk), Google Nexus & Android 5+ (Chrome), FirefoxOS (Firefox) and desktops on Windows / MacOS / Linux with a modern browser.

Some books require WebGL support.

About the Book

Welcome to Bookiza’s unofficial documentation in form of a book. A superbook. I personally love reading this one off my iPad Air but you can find your mojo anywhere you like. See that's the beauty of the web; I may be taking credit where it isn't due.

Bookiza is a book reification framework that cuts down your book writing and publishing time by half. By half, no less. It lets you manage your manuscript smartly and bakes in all the goodness of the web into your book.

After reading this book you'll be able to produce delightful responsive books that work on every device out there.

Feel free to fork the book on Github. Surprise, surprise: It is written in haml instead of markdown

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About the Author

In love with math, music and sky.