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Fisheye Placebo - The Solar Eye

Wenqing Yan Wenqing Yan • May 27th, 2016 (Web edition)

"Vance seals his own fate with a clever hack at the University that even Solar Eye can't fish."

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Fate has many plans for Vance, but for now he is super excited about his new college - The Stuxent University at Xinhua. Showing off a little, Vance reveals to his sister that he likes Robin, a sophomore, and would want her to be his roommate at the University.

With his hacks that are untraceable, not even by the Solar Eye - i.e The C.S.A, it is almost certain that Vance will have a time of his life at the Stuxent. Well, almost.

Welcome to the new July, 2016 edition of THE FISHEYE PLACEBO - The Solar Eye!

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About the Author

Wenqing Yan

Yuumei (幽冥 or 幽明) means light and darkness, strange and deep, hades, and semidarkness.