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Dec 6th, 2015 (Limited edition)

Official guide on Bubblin Superbooks.

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32 minutes read.
40 leafs
Price: FREE
Support: Tested on iPad 2+, iPhones 4+ (Safari), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (Silk), Google Nexus & Android 5+ (Chrome), FirefoxOS (Firefox) and desktops on Windows / MacOS / Linux with a modern browser.

Some books require WebGL support.

About the Book

A step-by-step guide on how to compose web-compatible Superbooks. Use a subtle blend of app development techniques and modern responsive design to forge together beautiful books that people love. Books that are future ready and are read straight off the web, on any device, wherever your readers are.

Ride a bestseller with half the effort you'd put elsewhere!

This handbook itself has been created using the very tools and tips it prescribes. Like us, we hope you make the most of it.

Feel free to share your thoughts with, the maintainer of this book.

The source of this superbook is available on Github under MIT license. Feel free to view, fork or submit pull requests to add more love.

Table of Contents

About the Author

In love with math, music and sky.