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The Trial

Josef K. is arrested on his birthday.

Franz Kafka Franz Kafka • Feb 1st, 2018


Josef K. is arrested on his birthday.

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Joseph K is arrested in his lodging house by two officials for a crime which is never explained. Frau Grubach, Joseph K's landlady, in an attempt to help him, ends up hurting his sensibilities when she mentions the illicit carryings-on of Frau Grubach, another lodger for whom K. has some attachment.

When he later meets Frau Grubach, in a clumsy effort not to, he actually manages to kiss her. After being told to report to court, and finding the location to be an empty room, he proceeds to investigate the edifice and after some time finds another room where he finds the Examining Magistrate, but the result of the meeting is to K's disadvantage as he is told he has lost any goodwill the court might have had for him by his accusatory attitude.

Later he comes upon the wife of the Magistrate as she is perusing what first appears to legal books but which turn out to be a form of erotica. Subsequently she makes a play for him to which he is gets a slap in the face to the Magistrate but she is taken away by a student before this can happen. When he meets up with a court Attendant, K. has a chance to view the court offices where a numerous number of defendents await their own trials, and he is aided by two functionaries in leaving the offices when he becomes overcome by the thick and breathless atmosphere.

About the Author

Franz Kafka

A German-language novelist and short story writer, 3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924, Austria.


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