First thing you’ll need to be able to publish on Bubblin is a Bubblin Account. Go sign up if you haven’t already.

Alternatively, if you intend to use Bookiza to write your book locally, you’ll need:

nodejs (v8.11.3) or higher, gulp, shelljs, git-scm and a unixy-style shell or the terminal app.


A desktop with following minimum configuration:


Minimum 2Gb RAM. Recommended 4Gb.


Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or MS Edge. Having older versions of IE is recommended as well for testing.

Operating System:


  1. MacOS
  2. Linux
  3. Windows

Users on Windows need to install a unixy-style shell interface like Powershell, Babun, Cmnder or Cygwin. Mac & linux users have what is called the terminal app or the bash or the shell, or they could use iTerm or Hyper as well.