First thing you’ll need to be able to publish on Bubblin is a Bubblin Account.

Go sign up if you haven’t done that already. Once you’ve signed up, there are two paths to start writing and publishing new books (project) on Bubblin:

Method 1. Web editor (book playground)

Bubblin has an online web-based manuscript editor—a simple code playground—that let’s you compose and format the pages of your book using standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This editor works best on the desktop browser or on an iPad with a physical keyboard.

Here’s a super quick tutorial on how to write a Superbook using web editor and layout templates.

No setup is required for this method of writing Superbooks.

Method 2. Bookiza Abelone

A more powerful and involved way of creating and publishing Superbooks on Bubblin (or on your own website) is by using Bookiza – a book reification tool.

Bookiza is an open source “book development framework” written and maintained by the Bubblin team and a bunch of contributors from the open source community. To set it up, following minimum system requirements must be met:

Assuming that there is nodejs and a terminal on your machine, with following steps you’ll be up and running in under a minute:

To install:

$ npm i -g bookiza

Check installation with:

$ bookiza --version

Next, register client with:

$ bookiza register

It will ask for your Bubblin Account credentials and connect Bookiza to its sweet POST/PATCH API. You’re all set … 😇

To start a new project My-Awesome-New-Comics:

$ bookiza new My-Awesome-New-Comics --leafs 12 --template comics

Will create a new project with 12 fresh leafs (24 pages) inside manuscript/ folder along with a layout template meant for comics. Boom!

Refer Bookiza documentation for more help on this.

For an existing book you’ll need to get in touch with the Bubblin team to convert it from its existing form to a Superbook.