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Publishing Superbooks

Learn how to design, typeset, and print a book online.

Fresh documentation on features and tooling of Bubblin is in the works.

Hey there!

Welcome to Bubblin Superbooks.

On this page, we will walk you through the two options by which you can prepare and publish a book on Bubblin. The path to turning your manuscript (a word, a PDF, or a markdown file) into an actual book that's ready for consumption over the wire is fraught with perils. However, with due attention to the processes and with respect for the established traditions of book-making (not writing!), and with practice over time, you—my friend, shall succeed in the art of creative distribution.

The two options are:

1. The Web Interface.

Bubblin has an in-browser editor that is suitable for smaller units like a collection of short stories, poetry, comics, photo books, or an images-heavy magazine. This in-browser editor assumes that you understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and (optionally) javascript to typeset and produce the pages of your book.

Yes, it is fairly low-level and totally NOT like writing with MS Word or publishing a blog online. Here's a quick tutorial to help you get started. Feel free to review our Official Handbook, which was created using the web editor alone.

2. Bookiza Abelone

Bookiza is a CLI tool for "book-making," where CLI stands for Command Line Interface. It is a book reification framework that can be used to publish any kind of long-form on the web. Please visit the official site of for more information.

Prior knowledge of programming is a plus and will help you understand the scope and kind of books that are possible on the web with Bubblin. It is a given that if your book isn't laid out beautifully (typeset) and formatted properly (conventions), and easy to read, people will choose to buy the dead tree instead.

Do you really want that to happen?

- Marvin Danig, (CEO & Editor-in-chief, Bubblin Superbooks).