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Print consumer-ready books on web.

Fresh documentation on features and tools of Bubblin is out.

Welcome to book making on the web.

There are two ways to create and publish a book on Bubblin. Method one relies on a web interface, an in-browser book editor that works like a charm for short books, comics and magazines. The other method is a terminal based book writing framework (CLI tool) that needs installation. Each method is documentated separately per following options:

Method 1: In-browser editor

Bubblin's in-browser editor is a very simple book playground (a codemirror instance) that renders your book. This tool is good enough to hack responsive short stories, comics, cards and other stuff like photobooks, menu or brouchures.

Here's a quick tutorial to help you get started.

For deep dive visit documentation or read the Official Handbook.

Method 2: Bookiza Abelone

Bookiza is a book reification framework, or put simply a "book baking" tool. It's a FREE and open source framework written and maintained by the Bubblin team and contributors.

In comparison to the in-browser editor (method one), Bookiza is a lot more low-level tool that requires initial setup. Bookiza will handle your manuscript as if it were an "app", letting you collaborate with friends using a powerful developer toolchain underneath—git, node, frontend skills etc.

Visit site for more details.

"Bring your book to life with full-bleed imagery, audio-visual experiments, @font-faces, WebGL, AR/VR, buttery animations and a whole lot of interactivity… " - Marvin Danig, Founder