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Fresh documentation of Bubblin tools and API is currently in progress.


Depending on your preference, the following options and their corresponding Documentation will suffice:

Method 1: In-browser editor

Bubblin's in-browser editor is a very simple code playground (a codemirror instance) that renders your HTML, CSS & JavaScript on a virgin iframe per page of the book.

Here's a quick tutorial to help you get started.

For deep dive visit documentation or read the Official Handbook.

Method 2: Bookiza Abelone

Bookiza is a book reification framework, or put simply a "book baking" tool. It's a FREE and open source framework written and maintained by the Bubblin team and contributors.

In comparison to the in-browser editor (method - 1), Bookiza is a lot more low-level tool that requires setup and involvement. It handles your manuscript smartly - as if it were an app - and lets you collaborate with friends using the elaborate developer toolchain.

Visit site for more details.

"Bring your book to life with full-bleed imagery, visuals explanations, @font-faces, WebGL or AR/VR, resources over CDN, audio, video, animations and a whole lot of interactivity, but do not lose sight of your story." - Marvin Danig, Founder