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Detailed documentation of Bubblin tools and API is currently in progress.


Depending on your preference, or how you choose to write your book, the following tools and their corresponding documentations will apply:

Method 1: In-browser editor

Bubblin's in-browser editor is a very simple code playground (a codemirror instance) that renders your HTML, CSS & JavaScript on a virgin iframe per page of the book.

Here's a quick tutorial to help you get started on it.

To deep dive head over to our Official Handbook.

Method 2: Bookiza

Bookiza is an open source book reification framework, or simply a "book baking" tool, that lets you create and publish superbooks from the comfort of your computer. Publish (push2deploy) directly to Bubblin or on your own custom domain easily.

In comparison to the in-browser editor described above, Bookiza is a much more lower-level professional writing tool that manages your manuscript smartly - like it were an app - and lets you collaborate with your existing development toolchain.

Visit site for more details and setup related information.

"Bring content to life with full-bleed visuals, interactive explanations, @font-faces, CDN resources, immersive 3D (WebGL), audio, video, animations and what not simply by using building blocks of web — i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and pretty much anything that travels over the wire." - Marvin Danig, Founder