Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Bubblin?

    Bubblin is an online café of books.

    A silent and cozy place to hang-out and read books. All our reads are FREE to consume and share with anyone. They are responsive and offline-first, meaning that they work on all devices, and can work without Internet as well.

    Go ahead. Free yourself from the shackles of properietary formats, expensive hardware and remove the pain of downloading a pesky little files forever.

  2. Can I publish myself?

    Yes. It's like writing a blogpost.

    Bubblin has both a code playground (think Codepen) to ooze out your creative juices on and a free and open source set of writing tools that you can install locally for a more professional setup.

  3. Okay. How is the support?

    A blank book (the superbook container) is supported nearly everywhere. All devices, all viewports, all operating systems and all modern browsers.

  4. What is a Superbook?

    Superbook basically means "Superclass of a book". It is a plain e-book container that can be used to hold together and render long-form i.e. books, comics or magazines or even something as simple as a greeting card. Each page of a Superbook is a code playground (think Codepen again!) that accepts valid HTML, CSS and JavaScript i.e. building blocks of web to render the content.

    Code that can potentially output a dynamic visual explanation or some sort of contextual substance that helps the reader grasp the story or a key concept easily. Trivially, the content could also be plain text or just static HTML.


    View tidal locking between Earth and Moon explained on page # 39 of this demo book on The Solar System. And the text alongside on page #38.

    Use arrow keys or the Space bar to turn the page.

    Given that a Superbook can render plain text easily, all novels and textbooks (that exist as files [or format]) can easily be converted into HTML and be made available on the web directly. Here are some advantages of Superbooks over other rather lifeless forms of e-books such as the epub, PDF or KDP.

  5. What is offline-first?

    Offline-first implies that the book will automatically go offline the first time you open it on your browser. After this point the book will continue to work normally with or without Internet connection on your browser.

  6. Please list its main USPs?

    There are so many!

    To start off, our books work everywhere, on every device on the planet. This makes it easy to manage multiple editions from just one place and publish it all over the web centrally.

    Secondly, our books allow JavaScript inside of each page. It's just simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript! Now this could be a very powerful feature for your own book.

    For example, you can:

    1. Put a little canvas experiment inside your physics book to explain pendulum motion with animation.
    2. Code up a comics book with just animated CSS3 characters instead of heavy GIFs.
    3. Publish a photobook capturing all your memories at one place.
    4. Create an album book of music videos and lyrics side-by-side.

    and so on…

    We believe that adapting books to the idea and building-blocks of web can lead us to endless creativity and expression inside of digital books and thus a better world of books.

  7. I'm a writer, how does this work for me?

    The best place to start writing is our documentation page. We provide some of the best-in-class open source tools and free templates to help you start any kind of book, comics or magazine in a matter of minutes.

  8. Is there a tutorial?

    Here's a tutorial on how to write superbooks by Marvin Danig.

  9. Can I price and sell my book?


    Connect Stripe to your Bubblin account and start selling. It's dead-simple!

  10. Is this self-publishing?

    Well, not exactly. It's more like app development with push2deploy.

    Involve your friends, artists, designers, front-end developers, book editors and other specialists in your field to polish your work collaboratively using Git. Once, you're ready push out the changes (editions) in real-time to your readers on the fly!

    Excited? Head over to our tools to learn about how to manage your manuscript (project) efficiently.

  11. What fee / cut (royalty) does Bubblin take?

    Zero, but we recommend 10%.

    Feel free to choose a % from your sales to share with us!

  12. Is there an iOS or Android app?

    Native apps are planned. Our first love is web; also it is the last.