you will not go yourself to see for Madame Duval, at least suffer me to inquire what is become of her.”

“And when may I speak to you again?”

“No matter when,-I don’t know,-perhaps-”

“Perhaps what, my angel?”

“Perhaps never, Sir,-if you torment me thus.”

“Never! O, Miss Anville, how cruel, how piercing to my soul is that icy word!-Indeed I cannot endure such displeasure.”

“Then, Sir, you must not provoke it. Pray leave me directly.”

“I will Madam: but let me, at least, make a merit of my obedience,-allow me to hope that you will, in future, be less averse to trusting yourself for a few moments alone with me”

I was surprised at the freedom of this request: but, while I hesitated how to answer it, the other mask came up to the chariot-door, and, in a voice almost stifled

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