from the suspense under which my soul labours-and tell me if indeed I do not dream?”

To this address, so singular, and so solemn, I had not then the presence of mind to frame any answer; but as I presently perceived that his eyes turned from me to the pistols, and that he seemed to intend regaining them, I exerted all my strength, and saying, “O, for Heaven’s sake forbear!” I rose and took them myself.

“Do my sense deceive me!” cried he, “do I live-? And do you?”

As he spoke he advanced towards me; and I, still guarding the pistols, retreated, saying, “No, no-you must not-must not have them!”

“Why-for what purpose, tell me!-do you withhold them?"-

“To give you time to think,-to save you from eternal misery; -and, I hope, to reserve you for mercy and forgiveness.”

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