And so I did; but he told me he’d pay me next week: however, I gave him to understand, that though I was no Scotchman, yet, I did not like to be over-reached any more than he: so he then gave me a ring, which, to my certain knowledge, must be worth ten guineas, and told me he would not part with it for his life, and a good deal more such sort of stuff, but that I might keep it until he could pay me.”

“It is ten to one, father,” said young Branghton, “if he came fairly by it.”

“Very likely not,” answered he; “but that will make no great difference, for I shall be able to prove my right to it all one.”

What principles! I could hardly stay in the room.

“I’m determined,” said the son, “I’ll take some opportunity to affront him soon, now I know how poor he is, because of the airs he gave himself when he first came.”

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