to me, and said, “Pray, Miss Anville, how long can you live without nourishment?”

“Indeed, Ma’am,” said I, laughing, “I have never tried.”

“Because so long, and no longer,” answered she, “you may remain at Bristol.”

“Why, what is the matter, Ma’am?”

“The matter!-why, all the ladies are at open war with you,-the whole pump-room is in confusion; and you, innocent as you pretend to look, are the cause. However, if you take my advice, you will be very careful how you eat and drink during your stay.”

I begged her to explain herself: and she then told me, that a copy of verses had been dropped in the pump-room, and read there aloud: “The beauties of the Wells,” said she, “are all mentioned, but you are the Venus to whom the prize is given.”

“Is it then possible,” cried Sir Clement, “that you have not seen these verses?”

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