Les Bijoux Indiscrets

already, and we would willingly"—"Part with them, I suppose. Pray, ladies, let me see them, I will take them, or we will make an exchange."—"You are mistaken, Mr. Frenicol, we have nothing to truck."—"Well, I understand you, you have some ear-rings, which you would desire to lose, so as that your husbands may find them in my shop."——"Not that neither; pray, Sophia, inform him of the matter." "Frenicol," continued Sophia, "we want two——What, don't you understand?" "No, madam: how would you have me understand, when you say nothing?"——"'Tis," said Sophia, "because when a woman is modest, it gives her pain to speak plain on certain things." "But yet," replied Frenicol, "she must speak plain. I am a Toyman, not a Conjuror."——"You must guess however."——"Faith, ladies, the more I look on ye, the less I comprehend ye. When a lady is young, rich, and pretty as you are, she is not reduced to artifice: moreover, I declare sincerely,

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