Les Bijoux Indiscrets

in one of the groves of the great park. Egle does not want wit," added they; "but Melraim has too much good sense to be amused with her speeches alone, at ten at night, in a grove."—"You are mistaken," said a Petit-Maitre, "I have walked with her a hundred times in the dusk of the evening, and found my account in it. But � propos, do you know that Zulemar is daily at her toilette?"—"Doubtless, we know it, and that she has no toilette but when her husband is in waiting at court."——"Poor Celebi," continued another, "indeed his wife advertises him by the aigrette and diamond buckles, which she received of the pacha Ismael."——"Is that true, madam?"——"It is strict truth, I have it from her own mouth: but in the name of Brama let this go no farther. Egle is my friend, and I should be very sorry"——"Alas," cried a third sorrowfully, "the poor little creature ruins herself very chearfully. A great pity truly. But twenty intrigues at a

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