Les Bijoux Indiscrets

most natural manner?"

"All this means, madam," interrupted Mangogul, "that you put yourself at the head of the censors."

"And if your opinion be received," continued Selim, "the empire is threatened with the decay of good taste; barbarism will revive, and we are in danger of relapsing into the ignorance of the ages of Mamurrha and Orondado."

"My lord, pray have no such apprehensions. I hate peevish humors, and will not add to their number. Besides, I have the glory of his highness too much at heart, to think of ever attempting to tarnish the splendor of his reign. But if credit were given to us, is it not true, Mr. Ricaric, that literature would shine with greater lustre?"

"How," said Mangogul, "have you not a memorial on this subject to present to my Seneschal?"

"No, sir," answered Ricaric; "but after having

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