Les Bijoux Indiscrets

and inheriter of the sense and principles of the unfortunate virtuous man above mentioned.'

"'And this lusty jolly fellow, crowned, with vine branches and myrtle, who is he?'—'A lovely philosopher, who made it his sole business to sing and taste pleasure. He died in the arms of voluptuousness.'

"'And this other blind man?'—'He is,' said she——But I waited not for her answer. I imagined I was got among my acquaintance, and hurried to a busto placed opposite to him. This was posed on a trophy of different attributes of arts and sciences: Cupids sported among them on one of the sides of the pedestal: on another was a group of the Genii of politics, history, and philosophy. On the third, on one hand appear'd two armies drawn up in battle-array; astonishment and horror dwelt on every countenance, blended with marks of admiration and pity. These passions were probably excited by an object, which was there express'd. It was a

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