Les Bijoux Indiscrets

he becomes tiresome, or that our fancy speaks for another. Inconstancy affords a variety of pleasures unknown to you languishing folks.'——'I grant that that method may be proper enough for little kept mistresses and common women; but does not suit with a man of tenderness and delicacy. At most it may amuse him, when his heart is disengaged, and he is willing to make comparisons. In a word, a woman of gallantry is by no means of my taste.'——'You are in the right, my dear Amisadar, you have a ravishing way of thinking. But do you love any thing at present?'——'Nothing, madam, but yourself; and I dare not tell you so neither.'——'Ah! my dear, dare on: you may continue,' replied Fannia, gazing on him stedfastly.

"Amisadar understood this reply thoroughly well, moved forward on the couch, fell to playing with a ribbon, which hung down on Fannia's breast, and he was not interrupted. His hand, meeting with no

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