Les Bijoux Indiscrets

madam," answered Selim, "he fell a victim to attraction. He filled his head with this system in his youth, and it turn'd his brain in his old days." "How so?" says the favorite.

"He had found," continued Selim, "by the methods of Halley and Circino, two celebrated astronomers of Mono�mugi, that a certain comet, which made so much noise towards the end of Kanaglou's reign, was to return the day before yesterday; and fearing lest it might double its steps, and he should not have the happiness of being the first to see it; he resolved to spend the night in his observatory, and yesterday morning at nine o'clock he had still his eye clung to the telescope.

"His son apprehending the consequences of so long a sitting, went to him at eight, pull'd him by the sleeve, and called him several times: Father, Father. Not a word of answer. Father, Father, repeated the young Codindo. 'It is just going to appear,' replied Codindo: 'it will

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