Les Bijoux Indiscrets

appear; zounds! I shall see it.' 'But you do not consider, dear father, that there is a dismal fog'——'I must see it, I will see it, I tell thee.'

"The young man, convinced by these answers, that the fog had got into his father's head, called out for help. The family ran to him, and sent for Farfadi; and I was with him (for he is my physician) when Codindo's servant came.——'Quick, quick, Sir, make haste, old Codindo, my master'——'Well, what is the matter, Champagne? What has befallen your master?'——'Sir, he is run mad.'——'Thy master is run mad'——'Oh! yes, Sir. He cries out that he must see beasts, that he will see beasts; that they will come. The apothecary is with him already, and they wait for you. Come quickly.'——'Maniacal,' says Farfadi, putting on his gown, and hunting for his square-cap; 'Maniacal, a terrible maniacal fit.' Then turning to the servant, he ask'd: 'Does not thy master see butterflies? Does he not

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