Les Bijoux Indiscrets

nights! Gods, what nights! Hay de mi! al recordarme de tantos gustos me m�o——Algo mas——Ya, ya—-Pierdo il sentido——Me muero——

"After spending a year at Madrid, and in America, I embarked for Constantinople. There I could not relish the customs of a people, by whom Toys are lock'd up; and I soon quitted a country, in which my liberty was in danger. However, I practised sufficiently with the Mussulmans, to perceive that they are much improved by their commerce with the Europeans: and I found in them the levity of the French, the ardor of the English, the strength of the Germans, the longanimity of the Spaniards, together with strong tinctures of the Italian refinements: in a word, a single Aga is worth a cardinal, four dukes, a lord, three grandees of Spain, and two German princes.

"From Constantinople I came, as you know, gentlemen, to the court of the great Erguebzed, where I

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