Les Bijoux Indiscrets

in them to his death, and I endeavour'd to do justice to this mark of distinction by my zeal and fidelity. The place of inspector general of his armies became vacant: I obtained it, and this post obliged me to take frequent journies to the frontiers."

"Frequent journies?" cried the Sultan. "A single one is sufficient to make me sleep till to morrow. Think of that."

"Prince," continued Selim, "it was in one of these tours that I became acquainted with the wife of a colonel of the Spahi's, whose name was Ostaluk, a man of bravery, and a good officer, but by no means an agreeable husband, jealous as a tyger, and his person was a sufficient warrant to justify that madness: for he was horribly ugly.

"He had lately espoused Cydalisa, young, lively, handsome; one of those uncommon women, for whom, at the first interview, one feels somewhat more than

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