Les Bijoux Indiscrets

as I was making her a narrative of the galantries of the court, 'Selim,' said she to me with an air of confusion, 'you tell me nothing concerning yourself: you relate the good fortune of others charmingly, but you are very discreet with regard to your own.' 'Madam,' answered I, ''tis probably because I have none, or that I think it is proper to conceal it.' 'To be true,' interrupted she, ''tis of vast consequence to conceal those things to day, which all the world will know to morrow.' 'Be that as it will, madam,' replied I, 'yet at least nobody shall have them from me.' 'Indeed,' said she, 'you are quite marvellous with your reserves; but pray who does not know that you have designs upon the fair Misis, the little Zibelina, and the nut-brown Sephera?' 'And on whom you please besides, madam,' added I coldly. 'Truly,' replied she, 'I can easily believe that these are not all: these two months past, that the sight of you is a favour, you have not been idle, and business goes on fast

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