Les Bijoux Indiscrets

with those ladies.' 'I, to remain idle,' answered I; 'I should never forgive myself. My heart is made to love, and somewhat to be beloved too; and I will go so far as to own that it is: but ask me no farther questions on this head, perhaps I have already said too much.'

"'Selim,' replied she seriously, 'I have no secret for you, and you shall have none for me, if you please. How far are you advanced?'——'Almost to the end of the novel'——'And with whom?' said she earnestly——'You know Marteza'—'Yes, sure; she is a very amiable woman.' 'Well then, after having in vain tried all means to please you, I turned to that side. I was wished for above half a year; two interviews levell'd the outworks, a third will compleat my happiness; and this very night Marteza expects me to supper. Her conversation is amusing, light, and a little caustic; but, that excepted, she is the best creature in the world. A person transacts his little affairs better with those

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