Les Bijoux Indiscrets

giggling women, than with those lofty dames, who.'——'But, my Lord,' interrupted Cydalisa with a down-cast look, 'in complimenting you on your choice, may one observe to you, that Marteza is not new, and that before you, she has reckoned lovers?'——'What is that to me, madam?' replied I. 'If Marteza loves me sincerely, I look on myself as her first. But the hour of my appointment draws near, permit me.'——'One word more, my Lord. Is it really true that Marteza loves you?——'I believe it.'——'And you love her?' added Cydalisa.——'Madam,' answered I, ''tis you that have thrown me into the arms of Marteza: I need say no more to you.'——I was departing, but Cydalisa pull'd me by my Doliman, and turned back in a hurry.——'Does madam want to speak with me? Has she any commands for me?'——'No, Sir, how, are you there still? I thought you were a good way off by this time.'——'Madam, I will double my

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