Les Bijoux Indiscrets

pace.'——'Selim'——'Cydalisa.'——'Then you are going?'——'Yes, madam.'——'Ah! Selim, to whom do you sacrifice me? Was not Cydalisa's esteem of greater value than the favors of a Marteza?'——'Without doubt, madam,' replied I, 'if I had nothing more than esteem for you. But I loved you.'——'It is not so,' cried she with transport: 'if you had loved me, you would have distinguished my real sentiments; you would have been prepossessed with them, you would have flattered yourself, that your perseverance would in time get the better of my pride: but you grew tired, you have abandoned me, and perhaps in the very moment'——At this word Cydalisa stopt short, a sigh slipt from her, and her eyes were wet.—'Speak, madam,' said I, 'make an end. If my tenderness lasted still, notwithstanding your rigorous treatment, could you.'——'I can do nothing, you do no longer love me, and Marteza waits for you.'——'If Marteza was indifferent to me; if

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