Les Bijoux Indiscrets

Brama perhaps chastises her severely for her credulity, you pass your time pleasantly enough in the arms of another."

"Pray, madam," replied the Sultan, "calm your self: Selim loves again, Cydalisa will be revenged." "Sir," answered Selim, "your highness may possibly be misinformed. Ought I not to have learnt, once for my whole life, by my adventure with Cydalisa, that true love was too prejudicial to happiness?"—"Without doubt," interrupted Mirzoza, "and yet I would lay a wager, notwithstanding your philosophical reflections, that you actually love another more ardently than—"

"More ardently," replied Selim, "I dare not assert: these five years past I am attached, but attached from my heart to a charming woman. It was not without difficulty, that I made her listen to me, for she had always been of a virtue!"—"Virtue!" cried the Sultan; "courage, my friend, I am charmed, when one talks to

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