Les Bijoux Indiscrets

remembrance of the favours, with which you and the Sultan have honoured me, will follow me thither; and if my heart forms any vows henceforth, they will be for your happiness and his glory."

"Selim," replied the favorite, "your chagrine is your adviser. You are afraid of mockery, which you will less avoid by withdrawing from court, than by remaining at it. Have as much philosophy as you will, this is not the time to put it in practice; your retreat will be attributed to peevishness and melancholy. You are not framed to confine yourself in a desert; and the Sultan——"

Mangogul's arrival interrupted the favorite: she informed him of Selim's design. "Then he is turn'd fool," says the prince; "is it possible that the base usage of that little Fulvia has turn'd his head." And then addressing himself to Selim——"That shall not be, my friend, you shall stay," continues he: "I want your counsel, and madam your company. The welfare of my

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