Les Bijoux Indiscrets

making any. There is nothing of what you imagine in the affair: it is one of the first flights of Selim's youthful days. It regards one of those women, who are gained in a minute, but are never kept long."

"Madam," says Selim to the favorite, "in vain do I examine my self, I can recal nothing more to my memory; and at present I find my conscience quite clear."

"Olympia," says Mangogul—"Ah! Prince," interrupted Selim, "I know the thing; but this little story is so old, that it is no wonder that it has escaped me."

"Olympia," continued Mangogul, "wife of the chief cashier of Hasna, had coiffed herself with a young officer, captain in Selim's regiment. Her lover came to her one morning in deep concern, to inform her that orders were issued for all the officers to set out and join their respective corps. My grandfather Kanaglou had

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