Les Bijoux Indiscrets

resolved that year to open the campaign early: and an admirable project, which he had formed, miscarried, purely through the making these orders too publick. The politicians murmured, the women exclaimed, each party had their reasons. I have told you those of Olympia. This woman took the party of seeing Selim, and, if possible, to prevent the departure of Gabalis: for that was her lover's name. Selim already passed for a dangerous man. Olympia thought it was proper to have an escort: and two of her female friends, as handsome as her self, offered to accompany her. Selim was at home when they came. He received Olympia, who appeared alone, with that easy politeness, which you know he is master of, and asked what had procured him this agreeable visit? 'Sir,' says Olympia, 'I interest my self for Gabalis: he has some important affairs on his hands, which make his presence necessary at Banza, and I come to you to beg six months leave of absence for him.'

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