Les Bijoux Indiscrets

"'Six months leave, Madam? You do not consider,' replied Selim: 'the Sultan's orders are precise: I am heartily concerned, that I cannot make a merit towards you of a favour, which would infallibly ruin me.' New instances on Olympia's side: on Selim's new refusals—'The Grand Vizir has promised me, that I should be comprehended in the next promotion. Can you desire me, madam, to drown my self, in order to oblige you?' 'No, Sir, you may oblige me, without drowning your self'—'Madam, it is impossible: but if you go to the Visir'—'Alas! Sir, to whom do you send me, that man never did any thing for the ladies'—'I rack my brain to no purpose: for I should be highly rejoiced in being able to render you service, and I can see but one way.' 'And which is that?' asked Olympia with eagerness.—'Your intention,' answered Selim, 'would be to make Gabalis happy for six months: but, madam, could you not dispose of one quarter of an hour of those pleasures

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