Les Bijoux Indiscrets

Mangogul: "do me the favour to recollect the first trial of my ring, which I proposed to you; and you will see, it was not my fault that I have not lost it ere now."

"Yes," replied the Sultana, "I know, you have sworn to me, that I should be excepted out of the number of speaking Toys; and that since that time you have applied to such women only as have forfeited their character; to an Amina, a Zobeida, a Thelis, a Zulica, whose reputations were already pretty well settled."

"I grant," says Mangogul, "that it would be ridiculous indeed to rely on those Toys: but for want of others, I was necessitated to confine myself to them. I have already told you, and I now repeat it: good company with respect to Toys is scarcer than you think; and if you will not resolve to gain yourself——"

"I," interrupted Mirzoza smartly, "I shall never have a castle while I live, if I must use those means for obtaining one. A speaking Toy! Fy! That is so

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