Les Bijoux Indiscrets

lonesome wood and when they had penetrated far from the reach of any impertinent eye, the fair one was seized with a fainting fit. Hilas threw himself on her, and neglected nothing in his power to relieve her; but all his endeavours were fruitless: of which she soon became as sensible as himself. 'Ah! Sir,' cried she, disengaging herself from his arms, 'what sort of man are you? I shall be very cautious of ever venturing thus into lonesome places, where I have been taken so ill, and may dye a hundred times for want of help.'

"Others knew his condition, pitied him, protested to him, that the tenderness they had conceived for him, should not change; and never saw him more.

"The miserable Hilas, with his graceful figure, and the most refined sentiments, gave great dissatisfaction to many ladies."

"Then he was a fool," interrupted the Sultan. "Why did he not address some of the vestals, of which our

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